Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience

Swiss neuroscience network for PhDs and postdocs

About ySSN : The Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience is an organization funded by the Swiss Society for Neuroscience focused on the promotion of early-career neuroscientists in Switzerland. The primary mission of the ySSN is to create a dynamic scientific network for the young neuroscience community in Switzerland. To attain this goal, the ySSN organizes events throughout the year which serve as a platform for young neuroscientists to increase their visibility and audience, thereby promoting the development of early-career researchers and aiding their success in research. Specifically, the ySSN aims to:

  • Increase knowledge transfer between trainees, laboratories, and institutions.
  • Build effective communication skills to engage the audience in thinking and discussing the research of early-career neuroscientists.
  • Create a diverse network that works together to train and promote outstanding future neuroscientists.

Planned events: In June 2021 we plan to hold NeuroRoutes online event, where swiss early career researches will share their path and vision on future. In January 2022 we will organize our early ERS meeting with poster sessions and talks presented by swiss early stage researches (Master, PhD candidates and Postdoc).  

Members: Maria Reva (President), Nagiua Haymour (Vice-President), Kristina Slabeva (Secretary), Raquel Adaia Sandoval Ortega (Treasurer), Robin Nguyen (Web Director), Pedro Espinosa (Social Media), Ed (Zhuoliang) Li (Support), Samy Rima (Support)