Brain Awareness Week: March 2019

Aarau Woche des Gehirns, 11-15 März

Basel Woche des Gehirns, 17-24 März

Bern Woche des Gehirns, 12-14 & 22 März

Fribourg Semaine du Cerveau, 11 & 13 mars

Genève Semaine du Cerveau, 12-16 mars

Lausanne Semaine du Cerveau, 11-17 & 28 mars

Lugano Settimana del Cervello, 11-14 marzo

Sion Semaine du Cerveau, 11-14 mars

Zürich BrainFair, 11-15 März


Brain Awareness Week is supported by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences

The SSN invites you to contribute to the "Brain Awareness Week" activities. Informing the public on the progress of neuroscience research is a priority.

Be active, organize an event, either for the large public and/or in schools.

Financial support can also be obtained from the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, via FENS.

The SSN will be happy to advertise the events organized in different cities in Switzerland.

Send the information by e-mail using our contact form.