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The Swiss Society for Neuroscience (SSN) is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the Society is to advance the understanding of the nervous system and its diseases, by bringing together scientists and clinicians of various backgrounds, and by facilitating the integration of research


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Instructions for re-registering as a Member of SSN


2019 Pre-meeting symposium organized by the ySSN

Thursday January 31, 2019 | Campus Biotech, Geneva

“Neural population coding and emergent properties of cell assemblies

9:00 Introduction (Prof. Valerio Mante, INI, Zurich)
9:20 Keynote lecture (Dr. Johannes Letzkus, MPI, Frankfurt)
10:20 Coffee break
10:35 6 presentations
12:05 Lunch break
13:05 Flash-poster session
14:05 6 presentations
15:35 Coffee break
16:05 Panel discussion
16:40 Departure from venue

Registration at: https://webyssn.wixsite.com/yssn/ers



2019 SSN Annual Meeting

Friday February 1, 2019 | Campus Biotech, Geneva

09:00-09:45 Registration and Poster Setup

09:45-10:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:00-10:45 Keynote lecture: Marlene Cohen, University of Pittsburgh

10:45-11:10 Coffee Break


11:10-12:30 Parallel symposia

S1: Neuroscience approaches to psychiatric disorders

Carmen Sandi, EPFL

Manuel Mameli, UNIL

Marie Schaer, UNIGE

S2: Learning and neural plasticity in sensory systems

Tania Rinaldi Barkat, UNIBAS

Lut Arckens, Uni Leuven

Daphne Bavelier, UNIGE


12:30-14:00 Poster session (odd) and lunch

14:00-15:30 Poster session (even) and lunch

13:30-14:15 SSN business meeting

14:15-14:30 Honorary Membership and Best Publication Awards

14:30-15:15 Swiss Brain Council Initiative


15:30-16:50 Parallel symposia

S3: Coding and decoding: machine learning in brain sciences

Anne-Lise Giraud, UNIGE

Shih-Chii Liu, UNIZH

Athena Akrami, UCL

S4: Lipid metabolism in the brain (ySSN)

Marlen Knobloch, UNIL

Marie-Claude Potier, CNRS Paris

Mark Verheijen, Uni Amsterdam


17:00-17:45 Farewell Apero & Best Poster Awards


Registration opening soon



Best Publication Award

Every calendar year, the SSN highlights the best publications by a young member in three different domains of neuroscience:

I. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

II. Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience

III. Human and Clinical Neuroscience.

Both PhD  students  and first-year postdocs are considered young SSN members.

The deadline for application is December 15, 2018

SSN Travel Fellowships for Student & Postdoc Members

If you are not a member yet, plan ahead. It may take a few days before your membership application is processed and you become eligible to apply.

Next deadline December 1, 2018


THE RADALA FOUNDATION https://www.radala-foundation.com/
The Radala Foundation is looking for established, leading principal investigators eligible for 200,000 CHF research funding to pursue a potentially ground-breaking, high-risk project for 2 years in basic research in ALS.

Contact: Prof. A.C. Kato, President of the Scientific Advisory Board, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland ([tocco-encoded-addr:MTA3LDk3LDExNiwxMTEsNjQsMTE0LDk3LDEwMCw5NywxMDgsOTcsNDUsMTAyLDExMSwxMTcsMTEwLDEwMCw5NywxMTYsMTA1LDExMSwxMTAsNDYsOTksMTExLDEwOQ==])

Deadline: November 30, 2018


Position paper in support of animal research

In response to initiatives such as Maya Graf's motion (Verbot von belastenden Tierversuchen an Primaten), the members of the SSN council have written a position paper in support of animal research. This document, available in German and French, can be downloaded here.