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Meeting Announcements

June 8-12

Hamburg 20th OHBM Annual Meeting  
July 5-9

9th FENS Forum

Abstract submission deadline: February 2, 2014

July 4 2014 Milano

FENS Satellite Meeting
The Power of Stripes: Zebrafish in Neuroscience, Toxicology, and Behavioral Research.

3-8 August 2014 Waterville Valley , USA
Gordon Research Conference
Synaptic Transmission 2014


7-12, 2014

Ascona, Switzerland


One-page abstract submission deadline: April 30, 2014

October 19-23, 2014 Ascona, Switzerland
Brain Circuits for positive emotions

July 7-11

Rio de Janeiro

9th IBRO World Congress

 Symposium submission deadline: January 31, 2014


Mai - Nov.


Cortona and Bressanone, Italy Advanced Neuroscience courses, organized by the 
Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies

Open Calls for Grant and Prize Applications



The Bruno and Ilse Frick Foundation for Research on ALS is calling for grant applications. The aim of the Foundation is to encourage basic biomedical research related to understanding the cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (100,000 CHF over 2 years).

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Research grants of the  SYNAPSIS Foundation - Alzheimer Research Switzerland ARS 

The goal of the Synapsis Foundation Research grants competition is to support innovative research projects on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Priority will be given to support young researchers - postdoctoral and PhD projects that are carried out at Swiss universities and research institutions. A Synapsis Foundation project funding is granted up to CHF 300’000 for a period of maximum 3 years.

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SSN Travel Fellowship

The SSN offers travel fellowships for its student-members and junior postdoc members (up to 5 years of post-doc training) to attend all neuroscience meetings, but the FENS Forum and the SFN Annual Meeting are favored. 

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Movement Disorder Research Grant by the Jacques and Gloria Gossweiler Foundation

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Latest News


SSN Best Publication Award 2013

At the 2014 Annual Meeting in Bern the SSN Best Publication Award was given to Christian Pozzorini from the Brain Mind Institute of the EPFL  for his publication entitled 'Temporal Whitening by Power Law Adaption in Pyramidal Neurons' published in Nature Neuroscience, 2013, Jul; 16(7): 942-948.


SSN Volker Henn Poster Award 2014

The SSN Volker Henn Poster Awards 2014 have been given to Foivos Markopoulos, Geneva (Molecular Neuroscience), Steffen Wolff, Basel (Systems Neuroscience), and Laurent Sheybani, Geneva (Clinical Neuroscience).


SSN Honorary Member 2014

The SSN Council selected Prof. Hans-Rudolf Lüscher, fomer director of the Instutute of Physiology at the University of Berne as Honorary member of the SSN for his outstanding scientific achievements and his continuous support and promotion of Neuroscience in Switzerland.


The Young SSN is ONLINE

At the last Business Meeting in Geneva the young SSN was created. It consists of 7 PhD/postdocs of 7 different institutions in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich and Basel. They now created a web page dedictaed to the young members of our society providing information about events, talks, jobs, News etc., etc. The member zone of this web page can be accessed by members of the SSN only.

Enter the ySSN site


SSN Best Publication Award 2012

At the 2013 Annual Meeting in Geneva the SSN Best Publication Award was presented to Kristina Schulz (University Zurich) for her publication entitled 'Simultaneous BOLD fMRI and fiber-optic calcium recording in rat neocortex' published in Nature Methods, 2012 Jun;9(6):597-602.


SSN Volker Henn Poster Award 2013

The SSN Volker Henn Poster Awards have been given to Sahana Murthy, Geneva (Molecular Neuroscience), Gijs Plomp, Geneva (Systems Neuroscience), and Diana Wotruba, Zurich (Clinical Neuroscience)

Robert-Bing-Prize 2012 for Andreas Papassotiropoulos and Michael Sinnreich

The Robert-Bing-Prize 2012 of the SAMS (Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences) has been awarded to Andreas Papassotiropoulos and Michael Sinnreich. The award ceremony was held at the Annual Meeting of the SSN in Geneva, on February 2nd, 2013.


Théodore-Ott-Prize 2012 for Adriano Aguzzi and Pico Caroni

The SAMS (Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences) recognizes the life-time achievements of Adriano Aguzzi and Pico Caroni with the Théodore-Ott-Prize. The award ceremony will be held at the 2nd Congress of the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS) in Montreux (June 5-7, 2013).


Petition to defend a full access of Switzerland to European Research and Education programs 

Following the adoption of the initiative against mass immigration the SSN council has launched a petition that ask the Federal Council to strongly stand up for our rights to participate in European research and education programs and to recruit foreign researchers. It is very clear that the exclusion of Switzerland from these research and education programs would be a very substantial loss for neuroscience research, like any other research, in our country. The petition has been signed by 338 members of the SSN and has been sent to the We have formulated a petition that we will send to the Federal Council with the list of SSN members who signed the petition. 388 members of the SSN signed the petition that was sent to the Swiss Federal Council on March 4, 2014. The text of the petition and the response of the Federal Council (Bundesrat Schneider-Ammann) can be downloaded here:

SSN Announcement Policy

Please note that the SSN does not, as a rule, send Email announcements to its members about prizes or scientific events organized by non-SSN members. The SSN does, however, post relevant announcements on the present web page, and will actively support communication about events organized by SSN members.

The SSN is a member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)