Nominations for ordinary members of the FENS Forum 2024 Programme Committee open on 3 October 2022 and will be accepted until 24 October 2022 (inclusive). As a member of the Governing Council, the Swiss Society for Neuroscience is invited to submit their nomination. We can maximally nominate to candidates, selections will be done by voting within the SSN Council. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested.


Here some information regarding the profile and the tasks. For more info, do not hesitate to contact the SSN President.

The candidate should be a scientist working in an institution from any country in the area covered by FENS membership•The candidate should be a scientist of outstanding international scientific reputation•The candidate should be experienced in reviewing processesand should preferably have been a member of a reviewing committee•The candidate, if elected, shall attend the Programme Committee meetings(mandatory)•The candidate may be an outgoing ordinary member of the PC having served one term onlyThe ordinary members of the Programme Committee, once elected, become FENS officers for a two-year term until the end of the Forum in June 2024. They will work under the authority of the chairperson of the Programme Committee to establish the scientific programme of the FENS Forum.Thisincludes taking into consideration diversity and inclusivity as a core component of the conference programme in alignment with the ALBA guidelines.

Tasks of the Programme Committee members

1.4.1. Soliciting proposals for technical workshops and symposiaIn their area of expertise, the members of the PC are expected tosolicit scientists to submit proposals, which, however, will be evaluated as any other proposal by the Programme Committee.

1.4.2. Evaluation of proposals for technical workshops and symposiaProposals are submittedby scientists via anonline application from Februaryuntil Aprilin off years. Shortlyafterwards, the members of the Programme Committee will have access to the proposals that they have to evaluate and score through the online applicationsystemduring three scheduled weeksin May.

1.4.3. Proposals for plenary lecturesMembers of the programme committee shall propose up to three plenary lecturers, at least one of whom shall be female. This procedure is done online during the periodof January of the odd year.

1.4.4. Selection of the preliminary programme: Programme Committee meetingsThe three Programme Committee meetings take place around February and June in the odd year and in around February/Marchof the following year, at dates to be established by the Programme Committeechairperson. If elected, candidates shall agree to be present at these meetings. Absent members cannot be represented and only members being present can express their opinion and vote.