For SSN Student and Postdoc Members only

Before you apply, please make sure you have read the General Rules.


Your application must include :


  • a copy of your abstract
  • a letter of motivation,
  • a letter of recommendation from your supervisor
  • a curriculum vitae
  • proof that the annual membership fee has been paid.


Please submit your application in a single pdf file via e-mail to the President of the SSN at: [tocco-encoded-addr:MTEyLDExNCwxMDEsMTE1LDEwNSwxMDAsMTAxLDExMCwxMTYsNjQsMTE1LDExOSwxMDUsMTE1LDExNSwxMTAsMTAxLDExNywxMTQsMTExLDExNSw5OSwxMDUsMTAxLDExMCw5OSwxMDEsNDYsOTksMTA0]


Pierre Lavenex, PhD

Institute of Psychology

University of Lausanne

1015 Lausanne