Best Publication Award



Every calendar year, the SSN highlights the best publication by a young member.  Both PhD  students  and first-year postdocs are considered young SSN members.The Best Publication Award is handed over at the Annual meeting of the SSN. The amount of the Award is decided every year by the Council.


Awarded are peer-reviewed articles, published (or accepted for publication) between December 1st of the previous year and November 30th of the year the application is submitted. Only articles to which the applicant has contributed substantially will be considered.


The applicant has to be a member of the SSN and has to be first or last author of the article. The application includes:

  • the article 
  • a short description of the significance of the work (max. one A4 page)
  • a curriculum-vitae
  • a letter of support from the main supervisor of the student describing his/her contribution to the article

The documents should be submitted electronically as one single PDF to: [tocco-encoded-addr:MTEyLDExNCwxMDEsMTE1LDEwNSwxMDAsMTAxLDExMCwxMTYsNjQsMTE1LDExOSwxMDUsMTE1LDExNSwxMTAsMTAxLDExNywxMTQsMTExLDExNSw5OSwxMDUsMTAxLDExMCw5OSwxMDEsNDYsOTksMTA0]


The deadline for application is December 15 for an article to be considered for the SSN Best Publication Award at the following Annual meeting. However, applications are encouraged to be submitted as early as possible, for instance immediately following publication (or acceptance) of the article.


A jury formed of at least 5 members of the SSN committee (including the president and the vice-president) will review the applications. The selection will be based on scientific and/or clinical excellence.  The decision of the jury cannot be appealed. All applicants will be informed in writing.


The rules for application and the amount of award will be posted on the website of the SSN.


Submission of a paper (article) to the "SSN Best Publication Award", even if nominated, does not exclude submission the same year of the same paper to the "Pfizer Prize".