Travel Fellowships


Best Publication Awards 2017

Development and Cellular Neuroscience: Erika Bindocci

Three-dimensional CA2+ imaging advances understanding of astrocyte biology


Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience: Alexander Attinger

Visuomotor coupling shapes the functional development of mouse visual cortex


Human and Clinical Neuroscience: Sara Fattinger

Deep sleep maintains learning efficiency of the human brain


Volker Henn and Synapsis Poster awards

SSN Meeting Z├╝rich 2018

Development and Cellular Neuroscience
Zoe J. Looser: Activity-dependent metabolic support to myelinated axons

Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience
Gregor F.P. Schuhknecht: Correlating structure and function of single excitatory synapses in mouse barrel cortex

Human and Clinical Neuroscience
Sanne Kikkert: Non-invasive brain stimulation relieves phantom limb pain in amputees: an fMRI study

Synapsis: Neurodegenerative Diseases
Valeria Eckhardt: Elucidating the role of chaperones in prion biosynthesis and replication by siRNA mediated high-throughtput screening